November 12, 2015 pico_prop47admin

Happy Birthday, Prop. 47!

PICO California is excited to be a member of a large coalition of faith-based, community, civil rights and labor organizations that have united to ensure that the will of the people is followed in the implementation of Prop 47. Last week, we celebrated a huge milestone as November 4th marked the 1st birthday of Prop 47. PICO California and our 19 federations would like thank you for your contributions to this historic legislation.

In honor of its 1st birthday, we’d like to share PICO California’s groundbreaking Prop 47 report that explores the impact and implications of our unique cvic engagement effort last fall — on the community leaders and clergy who led our campaign and on the larger fight for racial and economic justice in our communities and state.

We have organized and/or co-facilitated over 40 events/forums reaching over 10,000. We we will keep working hard to bring the victory of Prop 47 home to our people because we know it is already changing lives. According to a recent Prop 47 one year implementation report published by Stanford, Prop 47 has already:

  • Reduced jail and prison overcrowding with judges resentencing and releasing 13,000 people (4,454 of whom from state prison as of Sept 30)
  • Saved $70 million already for the state and an estimated $93 million more annually

We also know that the vast majority of Californians, like you, continue to support Prop 47. A recent survey of nearly 2000 people, commissioned by The California Endowment, found that 67% of Californians would support Proposition 47 if it were on the ballot again today.

We have a lot more work to do and we look forward to your partnership in our continued efforts to ensure that everyone who is eligible, reaps the benefits of the Prop 47 record change.

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We're working hard to make sure Californians know about the ways in which Prop. 47 is changing lives and reuniting families. Please share your Prop. 47 record change story today. You can share words, photos or videos. We will share select stories on our website and we may even contact you for opportunities to share your story with media or events that we host or co-host.